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Œufs en meurette

Œufs en meurette is definitely one of the most emblematic recipes in Burgundy. It is also the signature dish of the Château du Clos de Vougeot: the only dish served for each reception and wedding organized within it.


Poached eggs are accompanied by a red wine sauce - of course from Burgundy - onions, bacon, and shallots returned in butter: la meurette (name from the old French "murette" means sauce and "fry", brine), all on croutons or garlic toast. We can add some minced mushrooms. A pure delight!



Le plat
Le chef

"I offer a different menu for each Chapitre!

Only one dish, the fourth, remains the same: the œufs en meurette and it's a real challenge to serve these 1,200 perfectly poached soft-boiled eggs. "

Resident chef of the Château du Clos de Vougeot


The Burgundian specialty that the world envies us

Œufs en meurette was voted fifth best dish of all time by the American gastronomic review Food & Wine in 2018. At Château du Clos de Vougeot we did not wait until 2018 to sublimate the eggs. Since 1953 and the installation of our kitchens we have made it a point of honor to serve this legendary dish at each reception.


Our resident chef achieves the technical feat of serving 1,200 perfectly cooked poached eggs to 600 guests in no more than five minutes. Exceptionally, during the Worldwide Œufs en Meurette Championship, you will have the opportunity to taste the legendary œufs en meurette from Clos de Vougeot accompanied by a Burgundy red wine* and a dessert.




With family or friends

On the menu, œufs en meurette, a glass of Burgundy Tastevined wine* accompanied by a gourmet dessert.

For children, tasting of Burgundy Nectars, entertainments and many other surprises.




Adults 39 €

Children 19 €

Free for chicks

(under 7 years old)


* To consume with moderation

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