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The Worldwide oeuf en meurette Championship

It is now an eagerly awaited event in the world of gastronomy: the Worldwide oeufs en meurette championship is organized for the 5th consecutive year by the Château du Clos de Vougeot, a place so emblematic of this Burgundian recipe cooked across the world. A true signature dish of the Château du Clos de Vougeot, oeufs en meurette are served at each Gala dinner organized there. The resident chef of the Château - Alexandra Bouvret - and her team have developed a real know-how in the field of poached eggs and invite chefs from Burgundy, France and elsewhere to meet every year, at the beginning of October, at the Château du Clos de Vougeot to celebrate and magnify this emblematic dish. 


Jury members


Eric Pras, 3-star MOF chef president of the jury Alexandra Bouvret, chef of Château du Clos de Vougeot. ;

Joy Astrid Poinsot, chef laureate 2022; Grégory Cuilleron, chef laureate 2021 ; Frédéric Vardon, chef laureate 2019;

Deborah Dupont Daguet, gourmet bookstore ; Rémi Dechambre, gastronomic journalist Le Parisien Aujourd'hui en France ; 

Alicia Dorey, journalist Le Figaro Vin ;  Vincent Barbier, Burgundian gourmet ;  Bruno Blancho, chef ambassador of Group SEB

Olivier Perret, executive chef Le Renoir Sofitel Montreal ; Fred Bernard, Burgundian drawer

The Chefs


Fabien Pairon, Auberge communal du Mont sur Lausanne; Jean Sévégnès, Le Café des Ministères, Paris; 

Andreas Baehr, Scratch, Bourg en Bresse ; Alexandre Dutat, Loiseau des Vignes, Beaune ; Jordan Bilan, Clos du Cèdre, Beaune;

 Alexis Valton, Bistrot du bord de l'eau, Levernois, Olivier Langlois, Chez Boulay, Quebec ; 

Romuald Sikorski, Vintage, Vosne Romanée ; Iza Guyot Le Comptoir de Pagny, Pagny le Château; 

Kim Logassi, Léon de Lyon ; Maxime Kowalczyk, L'empreinte, Buxy ; Sandra Huguenin, L’Impala des Vignes, Chevagny-les-Chevrières; 

Jerome Joubert, Le Rive Gauche, Joigny; Eric Starkman, Centurion by Daniuel Boulud Dinex group, New York


The partners


The Château du Clos de Vougeot will welcome the public in its sumptuous residence for this exceptional event. 


Air France help foreign chefs to come to Burgundy in order to compete for the title of Worldwide oeufs en meurette Champion.


Groupe SEB   will make its kitchen utensils available to the l to the chefs competing for the title of Worldwide œuf en meurette Champion as well as amateurs and apprentices.

Screenshot 2020-09-21 at

DS Store Beaune  will reward the most creative chef of the Worldwide oeuf en meurette Championship and transport chefs and jury members. This creativity prize has been created in 2020.


Nectars de Bourgogne will offer a tasting workshop for children with its delicious fruit juices: Chardonnay or Muscat grape juice, peach and blackcurrant.


Velleminfroy will provide chefs and visitor with nutrient rich locally sourced water so they can perform and enjoy this event. 


"100% Côte d'Or". is a partner of the Worldwide oeufs en meurette Days bringing local quality products for the chefs amateurs and apprentices. 


"The Artisanal Vinegar of Beaune". will provide the vinegars to the chefs, amateur cooks for the various competitions and Championships and allow visitors to taste their creations. 


"Bourgogne Magazine" our print media partner is organizing this year's amateur competition. The radio "France Bleu Bourgogne" our audio media partner will be present during the event to announce the results to its audience.

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